Friday, February 09, 2007

I danced myself into the tomb, is it strange to dance so soon?

listening to: Cosmic Dancer by Agents of Oblivion (T.Rex cover) This cover has an ethereal and hauntingly beautiful feel to it, it's quite moving.

Fox news (if you want to even call it news) irks the shit out of me, and here's why. By the way, before I begin on my tirade I will make it quite clear that I have every intention of using this blog as a soapbox, it's such a good medium. Do I lean a certain way? Yer goddamn right I do! So, in no uncertain terms I'll explain why I have this view, which happens to have been proven true on countless accounts. Don't wanna read this? Just obtain a copy of the documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism and watch it. Before you do that, prepare yourself to become angered, I'm warning you. It's an injustice and it's something that I call news-crime. It's an organized news-crime syndicate. That's what they are. One of my favorite things is their slogan "We report. You decide". Not only is it a crime against real journalism but saying that basically gives them the green light to bull shit completely, because after all, they're just reporting. Incredible. Another great tag line is "Fair and Balanced". Haha! Gimme a break, they must think that the public is just a bunch of fuck-tards, lemmings, if you will. True, every news source or organization may, from time to time, have a tinge of bias somehow somewhere, but that's because we are human and we err. Even then, however, there should be little room for error and biases. I did a little digging, and I mean a little because I didn't really have to even get off my ass to this, thanks to the internet. I went to Google and searched for Fox quotes and up came results aplenty. Check this article out, it's called FOX News doctors AP reports to mimic White House terminology. It's interesting how Fox news began referring to "suicide bombings" as "homicide bombings" after then-White House press secretary Ari Fleischer began referring to suicide bombings as homicide bombings. It's a third arm of the government apparently. That's just one little example however. Another personality that Fox loves to use is an excuse for a man that I can only describe as a 'flagrant asshole', Bill O'Reilly. He's like the conservative-prick uncle who's all too proud to be an American who drives a Ford truck or sport utility vehicle with a bumper sticker that says Charlton Heston is MY president. Nice, I just went to O'Reilly's Official Home on the Web (his website) and the current question for his poll is "Is eight years old too young for a public school student to hear about homosexuality?" With the two possible choices given being a yes or no, I was quite surprised that the "Kids shouldn't be told about that anti-Christian filth ever" option was not there. I guess there would be no point in taking that poll if that third option were present though. It's time for me to get back to work now.



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