Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sweet site

current song- goodbye blue sky by Pink Floyd

Holy crap! When I saw this site earlier tonite at work I was amazed and couldn't wait to get home to play around with it. A lot like Google Earth (awesome program!) Windows Live Local is a site that you can go to and type in an address and then get a bird's eye view, literally, of your chosen point and it's photo quality and rather detailed, even more so that Google Earth. I was surprised at the quality and clarity of it. This is great for terrorists and stalkers so that makes it a little scary, but it's still pretty damn cool! I could play with this for hours easily! In fact, I am going to finish this post so that I can fool around with it some more. Peace...
Oh yeah, thanks to my friend Christen for showing it to me!

$200 cash and an amputated foot

current song- far away eyes by the rolling stones

since I had to work the shit shift the whole weekend my life has not been the same, in a matter of speaking because I am not used to sleeping during the day and out all night. The last part of the previous sentence reminds me of that James Gang song Funk #49. He's like 'out all day, sleep all night/ I know where you're goin...". That songs is great. So as I was saying about the shift messing my regular schedule up, I didn't go to sleep the other night until around 8am because I was just so thrown off. As a result I had some odd dreams. This one, for instance, was weird. I dreamt that I was walking around in a creek near an industrial section with lots of buildings and all of a sudden I looked down in the water and saw this wallet. I picked it up and there was nothing in it. I kept that wallet though and kept on walking and soon thereafter I looked down in the water and I saw a foot and a wallet under it, poking out between the toes. I reached down and pulled the foot and it just came out of the water, it had been severed off it's respectable leg, it was real weird. It was really pale and leathery and like your skin gets after being in a bath or swimming pool for a long time, it was like a prune, if you will. So I held the foot and then I took the wallet and suprisingly there was a lot of money in there, I guess I must have counted $200 because that's the figure that sticks out in my head. Shit was weird, but the wierdest thing about it was that I was not too freaked out by it in my dream. My mom was there and so I told her about it and she said that I should probably turn the money in. I was going to keep it but then I thought that I probably should turn it in to someone and report my findings because that what should have been done, it was a foot in the creek for godsake.

Monday, July 17, 2006

North Dakota and 17 cents

current song- karma payment plan by modest mouse

I had to work this morning from 4am to 9 am, that's what I call the shit schedule. It's not that bad because then once you are done you can go home and not have to work the normal hours in the evening. It was nice as hell today and I really wanted to do something so I took my dog for a walk. I got back home and laid down and ended up sleeping pretty much the bulk of the day. It was pretty lame but that's what you do when you work the shit schedule. A few hours ago I went out the local subway, which doesn't really mean anything because there are about 4 subways around here and if you drive 8 miles there are many more. I went to one of the local Subways to get a delicious veggie sandwich and as I pulled into the driveway this dude keeps on looking at me. I knew he was probably going to ask me for money or something so I stayed in my car and pretended that I was doing something important. I get out of my car and this fucker walks up to me like he's my boy and is like "hey baby, what up yo. Hey man, can you do me a favor?" I knew this was coming. He wanted to know if I could give him some money and if I could go 'over there to the Texaco' so that I could give him a jump because his car was broken down or something. He wanted money so that he could get hot dogs for his kids and then he said something about child support, I didn't really pay attention. I tried as hard as I could to play dumb but it's hard to find anyone in this day and age who does not know what 'money' or a 'jump' is. I was then asked if I could use my credit card to buy hot dogs. What the hell? I was like, "well, I really can't right now because I am meeting my mom here. She's from out of town. He asked me where she was from and I said "North Dakota." I'm not sure if he knew where that was, but then he was like "c'mon man, it'a only take a second man!" Yeah, it'll only take a second for him to steal my shit. So I said, "yo, maybe after I meet my mom. I don't know when she'll be here so I gotta stay right here." then he was like "damn man, gimme some change then." at this point I was glad to give him some change so he would get the fuck out of my face. I know this sounds quite harsh but I know who really needs money or help and who doesn't, you know the saying "beggars can't be choosers"? I reach into my change box which I had just cleaned out the night before as a matter of fact and gave him something like 17 cents. He took it and then looked at it and was like "aight man you can have this back!" and then walked away. Then next time someone comes up to me and has a story like that I am going to be the first one to ask for change.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Weird things I saw tonight

current song- Bloody Mary by Stonewall
I was driving home with my dog after walking along the traintracks catching some fresh pieces and sweating the whole way because it's pretty damn hot here in Anytown, USA. Anyway, I am about 2 blocks from my place when I stop at a red light. I look over and see this lady in a wheelchair in the road and she was talking but I couldn't understand what she was saying. Light turns green and she gets up out of the wheelchair and walks over to the first car in line and gets in the car. It's this red Miata with the top down and some guy in his mid fifties driving it. I'm like 'what the hell dog? Did you see that?! What the hell is that?" My dog didn't respond, he just sat there. So after like 15 seconds they finally go and so I decide to follow them because I thought that was just a little bit odd. I follow them for a few blocks and then the dude tries to lose me by taking a left onto this side street. I continue to go straight knowing full well that I can take a left at the next street and catch up again with them which is exactly what happened. I followed for a few more blocks until I became bored with the whole thing. I found that strange nonetheless.