Friday, June 29, 2007

accidentally like a martyr

listening to: dove- 8 letters to your name

I had my arm hair burned today by my friend whilst driving her to work. Can you believe that? And she thought it was funny too, she then proceeded to throw trash out the window and attempt to start a little bonfire in my car. What fun!
I've got a ton of freight flicks to upload and they will be up on the For The Love Of Freights site soon enough.

Here is a great nugget of fuzz garage rock history for you that my friend showed me. The Music Machine...

I just added a brand new podcast that I created. This is all about the slow, heavy, stoner sludge sounds. If it's over 50bpm then it's wayyyy too fast! This monster weighs in at a hefty 71 minutes. For all you stoner rock heads out there, enjoy!
Click here to listen to/download HEAVY.SLOW.DEEP.AND.LOW now!

Here's the tracklisting if you want to know the track specifics:

buried at sea- the dogs of doom are howling more
dove- 8 letters to your name
harvey milk- dick slater
floor- iommi
fleshpress- rise of the superior
dove-sight and seen

bongzilla- lighten up

core of the earth- labrador

smoke blow- west virginia

psilocybinide- capsized
bongzilla- grim reefer

negative reaction- sludge

Freight of the day- (REUP)