Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not based in reality

Listening to- Stoning no.1 by Noscrape


Do you ever come across a song or even an album that gives you an otherworldly feeling or even like what you might describe a religious experience? There are some songs that I have felt that way about, and that's really something coming from me because I am not religious in the least. Anyways, the most recent time this has happened was when I heard the band Master Musicians of Bukkake. If you can get past the name of this band, they are definitely worth a listen. Associated acts with this band include Sunn O))) (awesome band, you either love them or hate them though), Sun City Girls, Boris and Grails. If you like any of those bands then you probably will like this. People of the Drifting Houses and Eaglewolf are two tracks that, for me, produced this ethereal feeling. One reminds me of a tribal setting in which something very special is about to happen. The other one, Eaglewolf, makes me think of a situation where I am bearing witness to a chant-driven ceremony performed by some esoteric cult. I won't put too much into your head because it just needs to be heard. The album is called Totem One and you can get it here.


UTAH is free. This is not really news anymore as it happened a while ago, but if you know anything about graffiti then you know about UTAH. She now has a blog and so far it's pretty cool. I have come across more than one tag or throw she has done and when possible have always flicked it. Such is my life, bringing my camera with me practically everywhere in case I see graffiti. It may be a drug but it's better than being hooked on meth.


Freight of the Day (VINAL)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loud, louder, loudest

playing now: Communion by Drug Honkey

Ran across some really good albums and bands lately.


This band is pretty wild and heavy. It's hard to really pin them down as they don't really fit into one genre per se. Sludge for sure, but some of the vocals and cadence are different depending on the song. For example, in the song Communion, it could almost be said that there is, in the singing or yelling, a rap-like rhythm. At least that's what I got. Percussion is different at times as well. Real good stuff!


Woah, this is some seriously heavy, lethargic stoned out sludge!!! Check out the song Stoning no. 1 (Panzo on the cross), good lord! Listening to this will give you a dense trip even if you go nowhere NEAR drugs...These guys are from Italy and make some great music. The tracks I've heard have been nice and long and, much like some Boris material, momentum is everything. I'm really surprised I just found out about them. Fans of Bongripper and Nightstick will appreciate this! I'm telling you, Stoning No. 1 is amazing!


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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Touch me I'm sick

current song: M.S.H.B- Maher Shalal Hash Baz

Cough is one heavy and slow band! They just added a fourth member to the band but they were previously just 3 guys "hell bent on keepin' it heavy" and that they do! I've seen them three times now and they just completely blow me away. They are pretty nice guys too. They hail from Richmond, VA and have been known to blow more than one fuse at their shows leaving the venue without electricity. I definitely recommend this album! This record MUST be played as loud as possible too.


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Friday, February 19, 2010

And it's a great way to stay in shape...

song now: King Fire Goat live (5.13.02)

Some more good stuff to check out here for the heavy fan!


I'm currently checking out the live set by King Fire Goat. Side project of Fistula, so you know what to expect. Pretty heavy stuff here and for one song it clocks in at a not-too-shabby 33:37. I'm not sure what it is with people who like this kind of music and the film Gummo, but on more than one occassion have I heard samples of the film used in songs from this genre. I, for one, really like Gummo. I know it's a fucked up film in some ways and I don't like the part about the cats, but it is, after all, a movie, so that makes me feel better. Also, it takes place in Ohio, so I may be biased. Anyhow, this one should be turned up to 11. Enjoy...


This video looks really good. It's not brand new but for some reason I am just now hearing about it.


What the hell is wrong with people? Someone flew a plane into a government building today because he was upset with IRS. Yeah, that sounds like the best course of action. Innocent people were hurt because of his ignorance and selfishness. Also some more 'good news' from the new governor in Virginia. Apparently he removed gays and lesbians from the 'classes' of people that are not allowed to be discriminated against in the workplace. This is not good news at all and there seems to be more devolving going on in that state. Short article here about it.


Freight of the Day (classic ZINE)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A base human achievement

Current song: You Were Holding An Umbrella- Boris

Got a fistfull of great albums to check out. I'm still going through some of them myself but they are damn good so far. I'll start it off with the mighty Boris.

Boris- Live at the Empty Bottle in Chicago

This is a good recording from their live set. It shows how versatile Boris are, but it takes you on a magical trip starting with the beautiful Flower, Sun, Rain and ending with a behemoth of sorts simply titled "[ ]". Like a lot of tracks with Boris, the build up of momentum is the key and if you just listen to it, you will be greatly rewarded!

Church of Misery- Live

Real good album showcasing COM's distinct sounds. The Japanese doom/stoners who sing about serial killers have been a favorite of mine ever since I found out about them over 10 years ago. This has a good amount of heaviness but also a bit of bluesy-stoner rock in it where it just goes off on a tangent and takes you on a mellow ride. Parts of it remind me of Gas Giant. Good stuff.

Zoroaster- Dog Magic

Awesome band from Atlanta. They are heavy riff-laden doomster stoners with a mix of psychedelic as well. I've seen them play before and they are great live, especially in a small setting.

Moss- Tombs of the Blind Drugged

Moss are heavy and slow and if you haven't heard them but like
Sunn O))) or Buried at Sea or Behold! The Living Corpse, then this is probably for you.

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