Wednesday, December 12, 2007

land of some other order

listening to: ripped on fascist ideas- Earth

The semester's over and I am hoping for a miracle, the kind that comes in the form of me passing French class. Now I unabashedly spend more time on side projects that probably 'won't amount to anything and don't do nothin' for society". Art is what you make it though.
Found some pretty good stuff of note, in the form of videos and podcasts. Unfortunately I won't be uploading them to my ipod because some moron stole mine out of my car. That was pretty sweet to wake up to, having my friend call me in the morning and be like "um, someone broke into your car." At least she was looking out for me.

Bracken's Autumn podcast (anticon)
SJ Easu podcast (anticon)
Dax Pierson's Spring podcast (anticon)


The Power Of Nightmares (documentary)
This is a very good and informative documentary in three parts about how political parties and movements have changed the world by using the power of fear rather than instilling hope for a better future. In short it talks about two major factions in the world: The Neo-Cons and the Islamic Fundamentalists. It's done by the BBC so you know it's good. This is some heavy shit, some things that I think the U.S. Government would be happy to never have seen the light of day. On a side note, they make good use of Brian Eno's music.


freight of the day (DEPTHS)