Thursday, February 12, 2009

Absence due to projection

Untitled track by Rwake

Nirvana was a great band, one of my favorites actually. This is a really good documentary about Kurt and his death. I never knew that Courtney Love was so off, but this brings a lot of things to light about her that are disturbing. I can relate to Kurt Cobain on a few levels in the way that he liked music plain and simple, didn't seem to be making music only to become rich and famous. He seemed to be a pretty simple guy, it's just that he obviously was dealt a raw deal when it came to his family life, or lack thereof. Nirvana, along with the Smashing Pumpkins and a few others from that era seem to be a rarity in he world of 'known' music, or music that pretty much everyone knows about. Check this documentary out.


Speaking of documentaries, I just saw one last night about the history of hacking. Real cool stuff. The words 'hack', 'hacking' and 'hacker' have a negative connotation in society but really the fact is its quite the opposite, at least it started out that way and for the most part it still is. Basically a hacker is someone who likes to tinker with gadgets, discover what their capabilities are, not just what they have been programmed to do or are supposed to do. Put it this way, without hackers we would not have a lot of the things we have today in the way of computers and such. Steve Wozniak, co-creator of Apple, was a hacker and probably still considers himself one. Learn all this and more by watching the History of Hacking.


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