Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ever cushioned bottle of shrimp plated festivities

listening to: speed scratchers- stifling

Went to this great show last night that had Weedeater headlining with some great local and semi-local stoner/sludge bands. It was outtasite. There was Human Smoke, InterArma, Stifling and finally Weedeater. All the bands crushed and it was ultra heavy and loud. Weedeater, being the last band to play, must have had some effect on the one and only vocal speaker there was. If you know Weedeater then you know what their vocalist ('Dixie' Dave) sounds like. Loud. So loud, in fact, that he must have just killed the speaker. From then on out Weedeater was only to be heard in instrumental for, which was a first. They still rocked though. Check out the rest of the pics from the show here!

This is how close I was to the vocal speaker.


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

drip fed

current song: legalize it- peter tosh

A few weeks ago my mom and her twin sister came to visit me and that was real cool, especially since neither my mom nor I had seen my aunt for something like 6 years. We had fun around town and all that and stayed up late into the night watching documentaries on serial killers, somehow i was able to pique their interest enough to have them watch some. I then asked my aunt how her son was since I had not seen or talked to him in years. We used to be like brothers and she gave me his number. Since he lives in Oregon and I'm on the east coast I don't get to see him much at all. But then we were reunited via myspace. Lame as it is, that was one way to keep in touch. He's a fucking awesome musician, so you should check out his page here!


I recently found this great archive of stuff on Jack London which include a lot of his work and even some photographs he took. Great stuff in the Jack London Online Collection.


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