Monday, November 19, 2007

ignorance breeds ignorance. remember that.

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Seems I've been on a conspiracy theory kick the last couple of weeks. I find it interesting, the ideas that some come up with. I don't automatically discount these theories, but some of them seem to be a little out there, but anything's possible I suppose. I saw Loose Change a couple years ago; interesting. Good points were raised but when you produce a documentary things can be skewed or biased without seeming like they are overtly being biased. I've been watching a few the last couple of weeks and I found some of them interesting and food for thought. I always wonder who financially backs these certain documentaries however, because once you find that out, you can see where the motives may lie. Here are a few of the films I have seen recently, you be the judge. I realize that the extreme Right-wing, tax protest movement, white-power, racialist, neo-Nazi ultra-patriot followers were one of the first to use the Internet as a vehicle for getting their message of hate out and I know that there are many of those in the same movement who also subscribe to some of these conspiracy theories. I would like to make it clear that I am not part of this movement, I just happen to have a good amount of knowledge on this subject because I have been studying it and researching it for some time now. I don't know that much about the whole New World Order (NWO) theory so I can't talk about that very much but I do not subscribe to the anti-Semitic theory of the Zion Occupation Government or ZOG, as it is commonly known as in these circles. That said, I still think these are rather interesting and, for all we know, could have some truth in them. Others will probably follow when I find them.
911 In Plane Sight

September 11 Revisited

This one's pretty well done and it's in three parts. One regarding religion. Good stuff.

Loose Change


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