Thursday, September 04, 2008

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Pretty interesting stuff here. Basically after the televised political talk was over, some  interesting things were said about McCain's pick for vp. 

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Sarah Palin spoke at the RNC tonite- great stand up comedy!

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So Sarah Palin spoke at the RNC earlier tonite. Good stuff I suppose. It will really be difficult for me to actually dignify her and the other speakers though with any legitimacy though because I lean to the left, there's no doubt about it. We've got a real historical thing going on right now. My cousin Ben is really into politics and we've been talking about this upcoming election and what it means for history. Simply put, this is historical either way you cut it. We will have a woman vp or we'll have a black president. Wow. That's pretty exciting! From what I heard and saw of Palin's speech it seems that she is certainly not ready for the office she is vying for. I say this knowing full well that experience doesn't really matter these days, though it really should. What we have today is more of a popularity contest than anything actually political. It's that and mudslinging and muckraking for the politicians and media respectively. It's no real secret that our country is 'kinda dumb', for lack of a better term. That combined with our ever decreasing attention span makes us a powerful yet ignorant nation. We want to see things more than we want to understand them. That's probably one reason Fox News is so popular. There are lots of colorful graphics to mask the un-intelligence and decidedly right-leaning viewpoints camouflaged as fact. If you say it enough then it becomes fact. I didn't watch Fox's take on the RNC for two reasons, one because I wanted to watch actual news coverage of this event and two, because I don't have cable. What I saw more than anything else when Palin spoke was that her main platform seems to stand on two issues, drilling and attacking the Democrats. To be fair, I didn't watch the entire speech, just most of it. These are interesting times no doubt.


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