Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loud, louder, loudest

playing now: Communion by Drug Honkey

Ran across some really good albums and bands lately.


This band is pretty wild and heavy. It's hard to really pin them down as they don't really fit into one genre per se. Sludge for sure, but some of the vocals and cadence are different depending on the song. For example, in the song Communion, it could almost be said that there is, in the singing or yelling, a rap-like rhythm. At least that's what I got. Percussion is different at times as well. Real good stuff!


Woah, this is some seriously heavy, lethargic stoned out sludge!!! Check out the song Stoning no. 1 (Panzo on the cross), good lord! Listening to this will give you a dense trip even if you go nowhere NEAR drugs...These guys are from Italy and make some great music. The tracks I've heard have been nice and long and, much like some Boris material, momentum is everything. I'm really surprised I just found out about them. Fans of Bongripper and Nightstick will appreciate this! I'm telling you, Stoning No. 1 is amazing!


Freight of the day (WHEN)

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