Monday, March 13, 2006

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Apparently there are certain cities and jurisdictions here in america that have considered putting a blanket ban on pit bulls. The topic of animals is one subject that i do not shy away from. i am very passionate about a few things and animal rights is one of them.

As a person who lives with a pit bull, I could not believe the stupidity and ignorance of the idea of banning pit bulls from the city. I reside in Anytown, USA and yes, pit bulls can be a problem, like any other dog. Why can they be a problem? Because of the pieces of trash that abuse them, thus making them react in an adverse way. Those are the people (actually they are garbage, not people) that should be banned. Those morons that give pits a bad name probably don't deserve to live, in all actuality. I try to be an ethical person and such, but the only thing that banning pit bulls will prove is that the one(s) who are responsible for this ordinance are completely missing the point and are, dare I say, ignorant and foolish. Why have stiffer penalties not been established and handed out instead? Banning a certain breed of dog is much like banning a race or an ethnicity. It makes no sense and is just a 'quick fix', a weak, foolish and 'easy way out', completely overlooking the real issue, that being that the owners are responsible for turning these dogs into monsters. American Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers were originally bred as fighting dogs but this was outlawed over a century ago so the idea that pit bulls are these monsters is unfounded in the present day. That's a misconception that I suppose the media has perpetrated and apparently people take it at face value.

Most of the people who own pits are not the ones who give them a bad name, but there are those few who do and that is why this has been a problem. If need be, the city should investigate these 'dog attacks' and then take them on a case-by-case basis instead of issuing a blanket ban. I am not saying that these dog attacks do not happen nor am I making light of them. I offer my condolence to anyone who has been attacked and/or killed by dogs. However, the fact remains that some of the attacks, more than likely, were provoked in some way or another. It still does not make it right or OK that these attacks occurred, but there should be investigations into these attacks, checking out all the pertinent information. Who the dog belongs to, an investigation of where these people live and if they have any criminal record, what kind of crowd they associate themselves with, etc. Other questions, which I'm sure are routinely asked should be, "Why did the dog attack?", " Was there provocation of any kind?" Also, children need to be taught to respect animals, most importantly these dogs because, unfortunately sometimes they are abused and will attack because of the way they were treated, thus bringing us back to the reason I am writing this. Unfortunately the majority of these attacks occur because these dogs were abused. I don’t tolerate the excuse of "Well, they are trained to attack." When someone 'trains' a dog to attack, that's called abuse. 'Training' is when a dog is taught to behave.

Much stiffer penalties should be imposed for dog fighting. Not only is it sick, cruel and unfair to the dogs but it creates a public problem and is dangerous. What if these dogs got out into the general public? What would happen? That's right, they would attack more than likely. It should also be a glaring warning sign that the people who engage in dog fighting show signs of sociopathy.

I have said my piece and have let it be known that I feel very strongly on this matter, hopefully this will bring to light a few things and perhaps make some think twice and, the ultimate though rather lofty goal, is to change legislation for the better. These dogs, as well as all dogs and animals deserve to be treated with respect. They should be shown the same respect that people are shown. We tend to have this elitist attitude that somehow we (humans) are above all other living things. My simple refutation to that big-headed idea is, put simply,’ bullshit'.

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